Entrepreneur Office Hours - Issue #47

A big announcement...

I’m going to switch things up in this issue and begin by responding to a reader question. This one is from Steve in Guam. He writes:


I love your newsletter, but there’s wayyyyyyy too much in it, and I never get through all of it.

Just a thought. Could you maybe break things up a bit and send out multiple issues each week?


I’ve been getting some version of that email a lot over the past couple months. In addition, I’ve been getting more and more reader questions. However, I’ve been dragging my feet on adding a second weekly issue because… honestly… I’m lazy.

But Steve is right — these issues are getting too long. So, beginning next week, I’ll be publishing two issues of Entrepreneur Office Hours, with one on Tuesday mornings and the other keeping with my normal Friday morning schedule.

In other words, don’t be surprised next week when you hear from me twice. Oh, and, keep submitting your questions about entrepreneurship and keep sharing these issues with your communities. EOH is nearly a year old at this point, and I’m thrilled and humbled by how much it’s grown.

Thanks, to all of you, for making it so successful.


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My Secret Trick for Identifying Great Startup Talent

Interviews are fine, but if you really want to evaluate a potential hire, look closer at something that’s going to give you a better sense of how that person actually operates.

The Journalist Who Created a Magazine About the Internet

Sure, the Internet killed magazines. However, before it did that, it actually helped spawn the largest magazine in history. It was called The Industry Standard and it was founded by John Battelle.

Listen to the full story on:

…or search “Web Masters” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Is It Better to Work for a Startup or a Big Company?

Last week on LinkedIn, I posed a simple question to my followers about the benefits of joining a startup versus working at an established company. Turns out people had lots of opinions, and they made me rethink mine. So I wrote them down.

The Best Sales Call I Ever Had Took Less than 2 Minutes

Most people think being great at sales means being great at talking to people, but any good salesperson will tell you that’s not actually true. Instead, being great at sales means being great at listening to people.


Office Hours Q&A



Hi Aaron!

Love your newsletter each week. Just figured I should let you know I’m in India and it usually shows up late Friday afternoons, which isn’t ideal. There’s a lot in each one, I never get a chance to read it all.

Could you maybe send it at a different time? Or break it into multiple newsletters since there’s so much content?



Yet another good reason to expand EOH! I hadn’t even considered timezones. My bad!

So, again, stay tuned for next week, when I take a stab at publishing EOH two times a week rather than once. And maybe give me some grace for a few weeks as I figure out the new rhythm and what works best.

As always, keep sending your thoughts, feedback, and questions, and I look forward to answering as much as I can in future (extra!) issues of Entrepreneur Office Hours.