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Selling $25m/year without a product, how to become TikTok famous, and more!

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Thanks for subscribing to Entrepreneur Office Hours (EOH). If you’ve been following me on other platforms for a while, you know I create and share tons of new content about startups and entrepreneurship each week. In response, two things have been happening:

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I hope EOH will help me better manage both thing. First, as you’ll see below, I’ll regularly be compiling all my content from around the Web — Medium, LinkedIn, podcast, etc. — into one place so you’ve got quick and easy access.

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If You Want to Land Investors, Stop Obsessing About Your Product

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Too many startups founders think their product is what matters. But a founder’s job isn’t to build a great product. A founder’s job is to build a great business. Learn why…

Linda Lightman: The Woman Who Wants to Help You Sell Your Stuff on eBay

On Web Masters, I got to speak with Linda Lightman, the world’s largest seller of luxury fashion on eBay. Learn how she went from selling her children’s old video games from her home for $50 to a 100,000 square foot warehouse and $25m/year in revenue. Subscribe now on:

…or just search “Web Masters” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

How to Become TikTok Famous as Explained By a Millennial

Photo courtesy of Markus Winkler via Pexels

TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social media platform. More importantly, it’s giving away an unprecedented about of traffic and attention for aspiring creators. Do you know how to take advantage? Find out now…

The 3 Bad Habits Killing Your Startup That You Learned in School

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School is a great place to learn valuable skills. But, if you’re not careful, it can also teach you bad habits, particularly if you’re an entrepreneur. Have you been learning the wrong things?

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I’m always happy to share my content, but, remember, I’ve created these office hours for all of you. If you’ve got questions, just ask! I’ll answer whatever I can, and I’ll share those answers with everyone.

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